09 June 2011

{Places} Republica Dominicana

A couple of weeks ago I went south. I needed it. My skin was pale and I felt drained. My eyes were tired of seeing the same things over and over and my mind need to shift gears and think differently or just not think. DR was the right place. Combination of blue/green waters, white sands, palm trees and blue skies did the trick. What topped it off were my daily doses of 'cafe con leche'. My morning started off with about 3-5 cups of coffee, yes, 5! Then an omelet and finished it off with my new favorite fruit, passion fruit! 

The day I arrived I ran into so many organic things in the lobby. I love this table top decoration from the palm trees, I found one on the beach and brought it back home. I have a perfect spot for it.

I love this mini-lobby/reception area.

How could I go without photographing flowers? I can't.

The main lobby, such a lovely red! I passed this bathing suit shop every day and admired that little cupcake bathing suite. So cute!

My favorite dinner reservation was at a Japanese restaurant. Everything was perfect. The light (for my photos), the food, 'vino tinto' and most importantly the awesome waiter that never forgot to refill my glass. The food was as good as it looks.

I'm drooling.

I liked the pool side and grounds a lot more at night. There was peace.

The beach was gorgeous, especially early in the mornings. I made an effort to get up around 7:30 and go to the beach. It was worth it. I wish I made the effort every day, but sleep was so sweet.

One of the days I took a walk along the uncivilized portion of the beach and I found a few interesting photo ideas.

And finally a few photos from around the resort. I just wanted to stare.

Stare at this one especially. 


  1. I need this place, looks amazing!! I'd never want to leave though :) Glad you had a great time!! xx

  2. wow, all the tropical shots look so familiar to what we have at home here.

  3. It looks amazing! Like a place that could really soothe your soul and make you unwind. Love the flowers!

  4. so so beautiful. oh goodness, i loved reading this.


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