15 July 2011

{Meet} Carissa and Rudy

I took my time writing this post only because I wanted to recall as many details as possible about this out-of -the-blue, pleasant surprise during my Bushkill Falls park hike.  I was ecstatic to see waterfalls and nature. I was completely going camera happy trying to capture every beautiful scene, which was pretty much everything! I ended up at my favorite spot of the whole hike. A little wooden bridge lead to the spot where a waterfall was minding it's own business in a corner of a rocky hill. The water flowed down to the rocks where it formed a shallow pond just enough to cover my ankles.

Right before the wooden bridge, a timid couple was about to pass us by to cross the bridge, but didn't.

Instead, the male asked me if I could take a photo of him and his sporty girlfriend. I sensed a hint of nervousness and excitement as they stepping onto the little bridge to get their photo taken. I took my time to capture them and the beautiful background. I snapped. Usually I am never satisfied with just one photo and I asked them if they wanted me to take another photo. 

As he was answering my question, he faced his girlfriend and asked her whether she wanted another photo. I felt like my question played a major role that helped him transition into his next pose, down on one knee gazng at his love. Before she could answer he asked her another question which she probably didn't hear, but had an answer to....yes!

Her reaction was priceless, she was left speechless. So much surprise, disbelief, excitement and happiness was beaming out of her.

At the same time her new fiance was soaking it all up and finding relief and satisfaction with her reaction and answer.

There was a few moments where these two completely isolated themselves and had the whole park to themselves.

 I wish two a lot of happiness together!


  1. awwww that is amazing!! Great photos and great story! I love proposal stories!

  2. what an amazing story! talk about right place, right time :-))


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