21 July 2011

{Places} Hoboken, NJ

My favorite way to see NYC is from Hoboken.
I love this city!

It has a young, hip and classy feel. Students and young professionals roam the streets. 

The restaurants along Sinatra Drive cannot be bypassed. The outside seating with views of NYC beg you to sit, eat, drink and enjoy.We chose the '3 Forty Grill' and sat outside.

... sesame/poppy seed bread with creamy butter! Yum!

A mini park was recently built on the Hudson. And there was a ton of people just laying on the grass relaxing, picnicking  taking naps.

I chose to sit on the pier bench and practice using my manual focus while observing this little guy search for his next meal.

He jetted in the water many unsuccessful times and kept coming back to the same spot.

I had to take this shot right before dusk turned into dark.

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