01 August 2011

{Places} Adirondacks - Long Lake, NY - Part 1

Last week I decided to join my family for the weekend and spend some time at a lake house in upstate New York. Prior to arriving, I tried imaging how the place would be; whether there would be hills or mountains, will there be major wilderness or just a few trees, will the lake be near or far from the house, etc. But I did not imagine what I actually saw, it was all pure perfection. The smell of the pine trees was magnificent! It was a combination of everything that I prefer.

As we drove down the road that led to the house, the concrete road turned into rocks and dirt. Right off the dirt road, a house number appeared. It was the only thing hinting that there was a house close by.

We couldn’t see the house from the dirt road and it made it all the more exciting as we were slowly driving toward the house surrounded in the darkness created by the surrounding nature. Then we were greeted...

As we walked around the house to the backyard my eyes were overwhelmed with the views. The house was on a small hill overlooking the lake. Right at the edge of the hill was this table and I knew that my breakfast, lunch and dinner would be scrumptious!

We arrived as the sun was setting, what a warm welcome!

The next morning we were greeted with blue skies and a calm lake, I was ready to photograph. But first, coffee! It tasted so good!

The combination of the greenery, fresh air, and quiet was wonderful.

I grabbed my coffee mug and took a stroll down the hill to the wooden stairs....

...passed the netted gazebo and headed to the pier.

My eyes were smitten. The colors and the reflections of the forest hitting the lake were just awesome!
The main activity of the weekend, fishing!

I decided to wander around the edge of the lake and I found a beautiful water lily.

I made a little friend. I have decided that I need a macro lens!

Lunch time arrived. Simple life, simple food. (Does steak, ribs, kielbasa, and pork chops count as simple?)

After lunch, followed more relaxation and a sweet nap!

The outdoors were just so beautiful that we barely spent time inside. The house would be so great for a winter getaway.

I can imagine myself sitting in this little corner by the fireplace watching snowflakes outside. As much as I dislike cold weather, that just sounds so good!

Snap out of it! We're still in summer! And ohhh how I love summer.

I have many more photos to show you but I have decided to write two additional posts. Expect a post with all the flowers, plants and little creatures I found and of a few places I visited.

In my last post you will meet a future Ralph Lauren model. Yes, we had major a major photography session! I'm excited to introduce you to him!

Stay tuned!

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