06 October 2013

{Meet} Stefania | Sara | Tamara

I was cleaning out my closet prior to heading oversees when I found a little black dress.  My initial thought was to donate it with the rest of the other garments I was collecting. Instead, I decided to take it with me. I knew these three little beauties in my mom's home town would really make this dress special.

Stefania looked like a goddess. 

Sara's eyes cast a spell.

Tamara's beauty has a unique softness. 

Their beauty is so captivating that you can barely notice the dress was too big! The girl clearly makes the  dress. I miss them.

 I hope you enjoyed. 

Love, Daniela

1 comment:

  1. Pencil yourself in for summer in Chicago 2013. I'll be waiting. Love these photos-you captured their beauty perfectly!


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