03 September 2011

{Engagement} Carissa & Rudy

My first encounter with Carissa and Rudy was quite random. Rudy had asked me to take photo of the couple while hiking in a park. Out of nowhere he proposed to her as I was taking their photo.  I was able to capture one of the most memorable moments of their lives with the most genuine of reactions. Planning that day would not have turned out as perfect. It was the most random of moments and it is played out so perfectly. Read about that day here.

I photographed their engagement on a really beautiful day, it was was the calm before the storm.  Hurricane Irene was going to hit the shore on the following day, everyone had evacuated the island and we had it all to ourselves! (Apparently, the mosquitoes didn't get the news.)

They had great chemistry and their willingness to just let to, let loose and have fun with each other. Carissa was so at ease at being in front of the camera.  Rudy mentioned she had been reading through so many wedding magazines that it was only natural that she was that good.  When Rudy started busting some great poses it was apparent that he must have been peeking at the magazines too! Here are a few of my favorite photos.

I’m very proud of my first engagement photo shoot. Carissa and Rudy, thank you for allowing me to photograph the part of your lives where you call each other fiancĂ©. 
Love, Daniela


  1. Beautiful blog and awesome awesome pictures!!!

  2. Congrats Daniela! These look fantastic!


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