11 August 2011

{Meet} Konstantin

Spending the weekend here was so much fun with this little guy! He's not camera shy that's for sure. I think by the end of the weekend he was ready to throw my cameras in the lake. But it was all worth it.  Let's just say we were working on his modeling portfolio.

Ahh, the energy this boy has, he must have ran up and down this little bridge a thousand times!

When he got tired he spent some quiet time with daddy.

Then he bonded with mommy and had a serious discussion.

Someone got upset...

...and decided to chill out by himself.

Playing in the water cheered him up, especially during the moments when he almost got my camera wet!

After all of the splashes, we changed into dry clothes, sat down on the little pier and made up stories and songs.

We were goofy!

Back for more trouble in the water!

What kid doesn't love throwing rocks in the water!?..He was having a blast!

We went on a baby pine cone gathering adventure. Who knew this would keep us entertained for 20 minutes! (that translates to forever in a world with kids)

We offered him a bribe to sit and pose, it worked for about 32 seconds. Enough for me to capture these..Yeahh!

After he got what was promised to him (cars gummy bears...yum!) the chase was on.

Finally, some quality time spent with mommy and daddy. So sweet!

It was such a blast photographing him, so expect more Konstantin adventures photos in the future.

Happy Friday!


  1. He is truly beautiful, and the pictures are great!

  2. Wow Daniela, I have always enjoyed your photography. I had no idea you have gotten so good at it. Great photos.


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